A Brewing Storm

E.J. Sutter

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I read RJ Scott's review and thought that sounds like something I'd love to read, and boy did I ever!! 5 stars, and a huge shout out to RJ for her review!! The story is set in today's world but contains people called Weavers and Revenants. Weavers come from the Shadow Worlds, many lights years away and look to Earth as their Mother Planet, they 'occupy' people's bodies and can live for a helluva long time and are an old, powerful race; Revenants on the other hand are pretty much the slave race, and as the author says 'are creatures born from death and designed to do their Master's bidding'. Our story concerns two men...Brandon who is a Weaver, and a pretty powerful one at that although as yet, he doesn't quite realise how powerful he is, but is content to keep pissing his father off every chance he gets and bucking the trend by being gay, and Jamie, a Revenant, who is already quite old when our story starts, but seems to be something of a novelty in that he is still alive even though his Master died many years ago, in fact he thinks that he may be the only Revenant to have survived his Master....and that is down to the fact that his Master taught him how to survive, indeed encouraged him to live life (as he knew it) to it's fullest and was 'modified' by his Master to do great things in the future... Very highly recommended.



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