A Special Christmas

J.P. Bowie

Customer & Industry Reviews of A Special Christmas

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  Review by Heather York

4-1/2 Stars This holiday gem came to my attention a couple of years ago but fate and time just wasn't on board and I didn't get a chance to read it till now. I just wanted to wrap Brett up in bubblewrap and reassure him that things were not as bleak as he felt but then he meets Devyn and suddenly he decides for himself that maybe the heartbreak he felt wasn't such a bad thing afterall. This is just a lovely read that brightened my day despite the pain Brett deals with for most of the story. Not only was A Special Christmas entertaining but it serves as a friendly reminder that sometimes we have to experience heartache to find the one who will warm the heart.

  Review by Dark Diva Reviews

...sure to lift the reader's spirits...a delightful cast of characters whose flaws make them surprisingly authentic, sympathetic and likeable...a delightfully sexy short story

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

The �light at the end of the tunnel', however, was sweet and well worth the wait! This is a short read I enjoyed.



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