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Billi Jean - ARe Cafe spotlight for A Sisterhood of Jade series

Billi says: The Sisterhood of Jade stories introduce a world filled with immortals living side by side with mortals, but undiscovered – at least in the beginning.

Billi Jean - BTSe Mag feature

I write erotic romance. It’s interesting for me to say that, especially when asked face to face, and not over the internet. I’m confident you can just imagine what people’s reactions are, or more specifically what men versus women’s reactions are….but that’s not what has got my feminine wheels turning.

Billi Jean - Cara Sutra feature

Hi, I’m Billi Jean. I’d like to first thank you for having me on Cara Sutra. This site is amazing. And, you know, this is exactly why I write erotic romance. I write erotic love stories because I like to give people who want a love story with more heat – a read that they can enjoy for both the sexual bits and the love story bits.