In the News: Claiming a Demon's Heart

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Billi Jean - Blog Tour stop with Fallen Angel Reviews

You know, I think sometimes writers just see people differently. For example, I live in China right now. A lot of people look alike, right? ;)Wrong! I was sitting with my friends on a Sunday at a local pub talking about life and what’s been going on. I remembered suddenly about this odd encounter I had getting street food. I was out after tutoring (My day job…) and hungry. My daughter and I stopped by for our favorite street food from sellers we always go to.

Billi Jean - Author Spotlight for Claiming a Demon's Heart

Can we assume that this new addition to the Sisterhood of Jade series includes a demon love story?

Yes, absolutely. Agni, a Fire Demon, and a guy that’s shown up in almost all the stories so far, is finally getting his story. He and Bethany are the couple in this book and their love story is full of missed chances and mistakes, but in the end I think they kick some butt. :) Not each others, by the way!



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