In the News: Bondage Seduction

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Tori Carson - Cara Sutra feature

When I started writing Bondage Anniversary, I never dreamed it would be my breakthrough piece. It began as a naughty tale meant for my husband’s eyes only. He had been away on a business trip and I spent many lonely hours working on the story. Once I emailed it to him, he told me, “This is it, baby. This is the one.” Turns out he was right.

Now, I have five books published and two more, including the opening book of a new series, coming out in March.

Tori Carson — Three Things for USA Today


Three of my favorite TV and movie couples:


• Edward Lewis and Vivian Ward. In Pretty Woman, both characters were struggling to find their way. Edward was highly successful, yet unfulfilled. Vivian was a misguided girl who was attracted to the wrong type of man. Together, they learned a new way to live. He taught her to believe in herself and she showed him there was more to life than making money.