Hiding in Plain Sight

By Ethan Stone

What's His Passion? collection (Book #10)

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Book Description
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What happens when happily ever after ends in heartbreak?

After surviving a harrowing ordeal in Las Vegas, Javi Campos and Adam Brand seemed destined for a lifetime of love. However, life and insecurities got in the way, and Javi left, nearly destroying Adam in the process.

They’ve spent ten years apart, but circumstances bring them together again. Now a personal escort, Javi is terrified when his companion for the evening is killed in the bed they shared. As the obvious suspect, he turns to the only man in Portland he knows he can trust…his former lover, Adam.

Adam is shocked to hear from Javi, but he believes in him and agrees to help. The investigation takes them into the backstabbing world of Big Pharma as well as the religious homophobic culture of Russian Old Believers. While attempting to find the real killer, Adam and Javi have no choice but to deal with their lingering feelings for each other.

The situation might be the catalyst they need to finally find their long-awaited happily ever after. But first they have to solve the case before either one of them becomes the next victim.

General Release Date: 9th February 2016

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Book Information
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Heat Rating: Burning  
Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-980-0
Sexometer: 2  
Word Count: 62,998
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 196

About the author
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Ethan Stone

Ethan Stone has recently returned to Oregon and is working on re-growing his web feet. He has been obsessed with two things in his life: books and all things gay. After spending years trying to ignore the voices in his head, he finally decided to sit down and listen to them.

What he discovered was a perfect union of his two obsessions. Ethan used to have a day job that paid the bills. He wore a uniform to work and he looked damn sexy in it. Now he gets to wear sweatpants and watch movies all day.

Reviews (2)
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  Reviewed by TBR Pile

This story has it all. The characters are wonderfully written. I loved Adam from the start. I was a little slower to warm up to Javi, after all he hurt Adam. Reading how the two of them work through their...

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  Reviewed by Inked Rainbow Reads

This story has so many moving parts, but never was I lost or confused.  Stone did an amazing job at explaining what or who was doing what, while keeping the romance story going in the backgroun...

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Ethan Stone - Rainbow Book Reviews feature

Let's start with you telling us a little bit about yourself, Ethan.
I’m forty-one years old and have been writing full-time for a couple of years now. I live in Oregon which is where I grew up. I spent almost a decade in Nevada doing a variety of jobs including newspaper reporter and correctional officer.

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