Kayce Lassiter

Kayce Lassiter is a second-generation native Arizonan, and a Butterscotch Martini Girl, who was born to deaf parents and grew up on a dairy farm.  She is country through and through, and writes what she knows—snarky contemporary romance in a country setting—what she calls "Cowgirl Fiction”.  And just for fun, she likes to throw in some magic now and then.  She is a consummate smart-alec, which shows in her humorous, heart-tugging stories about everyday people complete with broken hearts and all the flaws that come with being human.  Some of her characters will make you laugh, others will touch your heart, but they will all take you to a world where dreams are possible and hearts can be mended through the power of love.  Kayce lives in rural Arizona with her three horses, three neurotic dogs, and one rat-killing duck named Tubby who thinks she’s a dog, and lays her eggs in the wading pool.

You can read Kayce's Blog or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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