R.A. Padmos

In no particular order: woman, writer, in a relationship with my wife since 1981 (though we had to wait until 2001 until we could actually get married), mother of two grown sons, owner of cats (I can pretend, can’t I?), reader and a lot more.

I write in different genres under different names. I’m also S.Dora for my M/M erotic romance and Ella Laurance for my M/F erotic romance.

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R.A. Padmos - Female First feature

We romance readers and writers all love a heroine who knows what she wants and goes out into the world to do whatever it takes to reach her goal. We want her to act on her own account, not react reluctantly to what others initiate. She has to be in the middle of the action, instead of being a mere observer.

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I loved how Molly traveled all over and learned how to be the best chef that she can. 

Overall – another super quick cute read that I am glad that I read.


RA Padmos has done it again. Starting with the achingly beautiful cover, Unspoken is another haunting, evocative read which will remain with me for some time.

Unspoken is all about lov...

The Bookshop is a haunting story, unusual and full of memorable characters. This book will appeal to those who like a strong heroine and an equally unmoveable hero. These two...

This little gem of a story leaves the reader in a happy place, but possibly also wanting the story to continue. Molly is a woman who throws a coin to decide where to travel to next with her hous...

The Bookshop by R.A. Padmos is one the most intriguing military novels that I have laid eyes on…readers will be blown away by one independent woman’s story. H

R.A. Padmos is indeed...

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