Stacey Lynn Rhodes

After living all over the US while growing up, I've settled into the beautiful Pacific Northwest and can't see myself living anywhere else. I'm a mom to two girls, who—to my pride and gratification—love to read and want to make a living with words themselves someday.

Even when I'm not writing, I find myself storing up experiences and people for future reference. I had decades of potential material at my mental fingertips by the time I started putting my stories into words.

I believe that passion is to be treasured, stepping out of the box should be encouraged, and forever can come from the most unlikely of beginnings. So find a story, step inside and immerse yourself in the magic of love. I'll meet you there…

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Stacey Lynn Rhodes - BTS Red Carpet Review Nominee 2014

Spring Training has been nominated for a BTS Red Carpet Award in the Romance category!

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Spring Training is a nominee for the 2014 BTS Red Carpet Review Award!

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Reviews (3)


This story is short but really sweet, and really hot!


The plot was easy to follow…characters are fabulous and I'm really hoping to see them when I r...

A nice, fast romantic suspense novella to heat up your spring evenings.

an enjoyable romantic suspense…Their chemistry is electric, and their bedroom play is hot...All in all, Secret Identity is a pleasurable read.


Reviewed by Lusty Peng...