Emma Penny

Emma Penny is a millennial living in the US. She often moves and loves experiencing new adventures and letting her mind wander to new possibilities. She currently lives north of Denver, CO and has fallen in love with writing steamier romance. Emma started writing when she was a teenager and has never looked back from the creative side of her life. She particularly loves to explore worlds beyond the believable, worlds that stretch her imagination but still root her in the very real personalities of her characters and their relationships.

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What are sweat dreams? I kind of want to find out. My mom bought me these for Christmas and they’re full of surpris…
 Tweeted 03/01/2022 00:10
It’s here!
 Tweeted 01/01/2022 21:52
My children are obsessed with My Little Pony. I didn’t think I’d be reliving my childhood in quite this way.
 Tweeted 01/01/2022 21:37
My son is stupid excited to spend two weeks with me when he has no school. I am not.
 Tweeted 15/12/2021 15:32
Hello world!
 Tweeted 14/12/2021 13:23