Aver Rigsly

Aver Rigsly was born and raised in the Boston, Massachusetts area and spends her days working at a travel agency in Quincy. Some of her favourite places to visit are Washington D.C., Bangor, Maine, and most of all New York City. When she isn’t working a trip or writing LGBTQA+ romance obsessively, she spends her free time relaxing with knitting, needlepoint, video games, or marathoning horror movies with the family.

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BRAND NEW, FREE EBOOK OUT TODAY! I've got a steamy, fantasy short story entitled MOTHS available today for free in…
 Tweeted 01/08/2020 18:04
My full-length novel is finally available for pre-order! After slaving away for MONTHS, I'm dying to get a copy in…
 Tweeted 29/07/2020 19:43
Camille over at Joyfullyjay wrote a beautiful review which made me smile, especially the angst loving part, lol. Ye…
 Tweeted 29/07/2020 10:28
Today is the day!!! Starling's Again is finally out! 🥳🌈🤩
 Tweeted 28/07/2020 15:33
RT @PridePublishing: He wonders if their romance could ever be more than just an indulgence at the end of the week, when prying eyes aren’t…
 Tweeted 26/07/2020 20:22


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