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What if paranormal beings needed makeovers too…just like mortals? Guest Post with Tina Donahue

One thing that has always fascinated me about paranormals (vamps, weres, zombies, demons, fairies, etc.) is their unique powers. Vamps who exude romance – as opposed to the creepy kind who are m...
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Guest Post with Jaqueline Snowe

Hey, its Jaqueline Snowe, author of Challenge Accepted. The story takes place in a college town not dissimilar to the one I attended in the Midwest. One of the main characters, Callie, is obsessed...
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Guest Post with Kassandra Lea

Some years back now I lost a piece of writing I thought was absolutely brilliant. I hadn't had a chance to save it when my computer crashed and it became lost forever in the void. That was enough...
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Meeting the Men of Wolf Creek: Guest Post with Gemma Snow

To celebrate the release of my new M/F/M menage love story, The Lovin' is Easy, today we're going to interview both of the story's heroes to give you a vibe of who they are as individials! So,...
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Holding out for Hero: Guest Post with Zoë Mullins

My eighth book will be published this fall, in terms of being an author… I’m still a ‘newbie’. So when I pitched a blog about ‘what makes a good hero’, I may have been in a post-editin...
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World Building: Guest Post by Dionie McNair

Creators of novels and films in the speculative fiction genre such as fantasy, sci fi, steam punk or time travel get the intriguing task of making up entirely imaginary worlds. World building prov...
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Guest Post by C F White

My debut novel with Pride Pubishing, Misdemeanor, book one in the Responsible Adult serial went on general release this summer and I’d love the opportunity to tell you more about the book and a...
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Boss wins a Golden Flogger Award

Congratulations to Sierra Cartwright who has won a Golden Flogger Award 2017 for Boss! Boss has beaten other titles in the BDSM Light category to become the winner. Boss is the third and fin...
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Taking a Second Chance on Love: Guest Post by Zoë Mullins

I’ve been asked this a few times – why do so many of my stories focus on the theme of second chances? I’m not sure there is an easy answer. I think all of us can admit that in a relations...
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