Covid-19 Pandemic Message

I’m reaching out to extend our concern and to send a message of support as we manage what’s in front of us.

These are scary and very uncertain times, and first and foremost we would like to say to everyone ‘Stay safe!’ 

We are committed to continuing to serve our readers and authors, and the industry at large as we navigate through uncharted territory. We value everyone we work with – all of our authors, readers, staff, and people that we deal with every day in our industry.

Make sure you self-isolate and keep enough separation from others until this situation is under control. Listen to what your government and the experts are telling us to do. Wash your hands regularly – make it a ritual.

As a company I want to reassure you all that everything will still run as usual for the foreseeable future. As a mostly remote team we’re already set up to handle a situation like this. We will still be releasing books weekly and doing everything else that we do day to day and week to week and we are always at the end of an email if you need us.

We will monitor and notify you if there are any changes with our distribution channels that might affect our services and publishing endeavours. 

We’ve certainly never had to deal with anything like this during our lifetimes, and whilst it’s going to get worse before it gets better and have far-reaching effects globally, we are stronger when united in the face of adversity. We have a strong community and huge support network, so let’s be there for each other as much as possible through this difficult time.

A lot of people will be stuck at home over the coming weeks and we as an industry have the ability to spread a bit of joy to people who love our fiction.

So, we’d like to make some books free and discounted at all of the retail sites and share some love with you, our customers. This will start with books at our own sites, and as soon as we can get changes made to pricing through our channel partners, you'll also see many books on offer at all other retail sites.

With love, support and solidarity.

Claire Siemaszkiewicz
Totally Entwined Group