By Corrine A. Silver

The Blackened Window serial (Book #1)

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Her naiveté and his intensity fuse into a time bomb of sex and secrets. Can a young feminist and a Dominant with secrets make it work?

“The first year is the most traumatic.” Leda’s medical school advisor’s words seemed like the words of a retiring blowhard, until she met Xander.

What starts as a tutorial in anatomy quickly evolves into Xander’s desire to possess Leda. While she is drawn to him, wants to give in and experience sharp passion unlike any she has ever known, she has reservations. Can a feminist, a modern independent woman truly be a sexual submissive? Why is he holding back? What is the dark past that Xander is hiding from her? And ultimately, can she trust him—with her body and her heart?

Xander wasn’t looking for a submissive, but his attraction to Leda is undeniable. He tries to follow caution, but ultimately he has to take her, subdue her, at her insistence. The more he opens himself up to her, though, the more his past comes back to haunt him, with nearly catastrophic events when his former lover shows up at their door on New Year’s Eve. How can he keep and protect Leda from all the risks of his kink, when he knows he is the biggest threat to her wellbeing?

Reader Advisory: This books contains a scene of dubious consent, a F/F scene, public play, pain play and anal play.

General Release Date: 4th August 2015

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-652-6
Word Count: 130,039
Language: English
Pages: 349

About the author
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Corrine A. Silver

Corrine A. Silver has been writing stories and poems as long as she can remember. In college, she turned her fantasy life into a degree in Creative Writing, but took a detour into health care for ten years before getting up the nerve to try to publish anything again.  She writes stories of BDSM erotic fiction, exploring themes of enthusiastic consent, power exchange and Domination/submission. Whenever her curiosity is piqued by a new kink, she writes a story about it. 

She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two kids and zero pets. She continues to (attempt to) balance family, working at her day job and writing. She remembers what not being busy felt like, but is grateful for all the things that fill up her days.

You can take a look at Corrine's website here

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  Reviewed by Fresh Fiction

I absolutely enjoyed WRECKED. It is overall engaging and entertaining. The characters are well written and perfectly, realistically flawed. The secondary characters also fit well into the story line....

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  Reviewed by Wicked Reads

Leda meets Xander when he decides to tutor a class she’s taking. She finds Xander intriguing but quite dominant and bossy! That’s just the tip of the iceberg of all that is Xander and Leda finds...

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Corinne A. Silver - Guest post with Totally Bound blog

Someone asked me why I wrote a book and what the process was like.

And that is, like, a really difficult question. It has taken me a long time to even begin to formulate an answer.

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Corinne. A Silver - BTSe Mag feature

When I was in college (which was, astonishingly to me, fifteen years ago), I happened upon an anthology of kinky stories in a locked and dusty cabinet at a book consignment shop near campus. Of course, I immediately had to have it. I chose to ignore the snarky, questioning look the clerk gave me when I asked for it.

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