The One That Got Away

By Anna Lewis

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It’s Christmas in Tuppence Corner, and Mia is determined to enjoy the holiday with her best friend, Donovan, in spite of the shadow of danger hanging over her.

After she is attacked, schoolteacher Mia flees her hometown for the safety of her best friend, Donovan, the new vicar of Tuppence Corner.

Mia has been in love with Donovan since they met but has never admitted her true feelings because Donovan means too much to her to risk their friendship.

Donovan is thrilled to see her again, and when he finds out what has happened to her, he is supportive and caring, insisting that she stay for as long as she needs.

After a drinks party with his new friends, Mia makes a clumsy pass at Donovan and is mortified when he pushes her away. How can she face him again? Has she ruined the most important relationship in her life? And what of the man who attacked her and vowed to finish what he started?

This is going to be a Christmas to remember for Mia, in more ways than one.

General Release Date: 9th January 2024

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-851-2
Word Count: 30,061
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT NOVEL
Pages: 123

About the author
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Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis lives in Scotland, in a small town near Glasgow, with her adored cat companion, Angel the ginger terror.

She has loved romance stories since her teens, when she picked up one of her Mum’s Mills and Boon books, and finds great pleasure in both reading and writing happy endings.

She also writes under the pen name Cassidy Ryan.

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