Intoxication: Vol 1 PRINT

By Remmy Duchene

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So Into You

From Lust to Love in its purest form…

Alfred Leung’s life is in the crapper. From his gold-digging, racist mother and a cheating ex-boyfriend to his hang-ups about sex—everything in his existence depresses him. Add to it passing his days serving faux French food in a diner. It isn’t how he planned on spending the rest of his life, so the fates have definitely conspired against him. Just out of a relationship, he decides to focus on work and going back to one of the things that makes him happy—photography. Then, in his Armani suit, Darius Stark walks through the door of the diner, and Alfred’s world is about go into a tail spin he never saw coming.

Darius Stark hasn’t been with a man in years. Men see the suit and run screaming in the other direction or they tear-ass toward him because they see dollar signs. He decides to focus on his business, but soon he’s buried himself so deeply in his work that years goes by without someone to love. Finally, he sees Alfred and wants him, but Darius is about to find out not everyone thinks he’s almighty and that some men are flawed.

Faded into You

Fighting love is futile…

Ravinder Raja never saw himself as a jealous person, but when his best friend, Alfred, begins preparations to get married, Ravinder can’t help feeling alone. While kicking his best-man duties into high gear, he finds a job in India working as the PR rep for a wounded security company. He just wants to get away from all things ‘wedding’ until he has to face the music. He never expected Thaddeus Masterson and the way Ravinder’s body betrays him when it comes to the sexy ex-hacker.

When he was younger, Thaddeus Masterson got into some serious trouble. But now, reformed and fresh from working with the FBI, he’s decided to go back into business for himself—legally. When a friend’s company is brought to its knees by hackers, Thaddeus packs his stuff and jets off to India. It’s the last place he expects to find love. But, as they say, love always finds a way.

General Release Date: 1st November 2016

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ISBN: 978-1-78686-071-2
Word Count: 77,115
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 320

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Remmy Duchene

Multi-published Remmy Duchene was born in St. Anns, Jamaica and moved to Canada at a young age. When not working or writing, Remmy loves dabbling in photography, travelling and spending time with friends and family.

You can also follow Remmy on Twitter.

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  Reviewed by Boy Meets Boy Reviews

The erotica was sexy, and I enjoyed reading Ravinder drop his guard and let Thaddeus see him emotionally exposed. This was a big draw for me in the was enjoyable...Recommended for those who e...

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  Reviewed by Redz World

I liked this one for many reasons. One of them being these two guys are just ordinary, real men, who need someone who understands them...I liked that honesty in a character...this is a great read about...

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