Flying High

By Em Woods

Scared Stiff collection (Book #1)

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Book Description
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Sometimes a mate bond can be damned inconvenient…as well as crucial to survival when a murderer sets his sights on one of the pair.

As if life isn't tough enough for a half Fae, half butterfly shifter, Tate is thrown for a loop when his mate turns out to be a reclusive Lynx shifter. Cain is focused on tracking his brother's killer, and stumbling across his mate at the same time he finds the murderer wasn't in his plans. Especially when the discovery means the killer gets away.

Sparks fly between the Lynx and the halfling even though neither wants to cave to a fated-mate bond. But when a serial murderer comes after Cain, Tate must call up powers he rarely uses to save them both.

General Release Date: 2nd April 2012

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-0-85715-930-4
Word Count: 16,991
Language: English
Book Length: NOVELLA
Pages: 54

About the author
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Em Woods

Hi all! Let's see, a little about me. I am an Army brat, which lends to my imagination…and I am a wife & mother of two energetic little boys, which gives me my sense of humour. I started writing in high school for the newspaper and have written steadily since then for my own enjoyment. I have lived a little of everywhere thanks to the travel bug I inherited from my dad, but currently am push-pinned in southeast Michigan. A typical day is a little crazy but I always work in writing time and I love chatting with friends. Feel free to visit me at my website.

Reviews (2)
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  Reviewed by Ecata Sensual Reviews

Em Woods is a master at taking the seemingly impossible and making it work. In Flying High, a lynx is mated with a butterfly while that butterfly is also half fae � most unusual combinations. But...

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  Reviewed by Whipped Cream Reviews

Ms. Woods knows how to build a story around her characters. Cain and Tate are wonderfully drawn out men. They come from totally different worlds and just the idea of mating a butterfly to a lynx seems...

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