Bound to Him

By Samantha Cayto

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Love is not supposed to enter the equation.

Sebastian decides he is done with dating. The scion of a billionaire family, he is too busy to deal with the emotional complications of a boyfriend. He chooses to pay for a debt slave to have someone in his bed who can make no demands on his time. He does not count on being so taken by the beautiful slave boy he buys.

With his family drowning in his late father’s debt, Parker makes the frightening decision to sell himself as a debt slave. A virgin, he has not had a chance to seek what he wants in a partner but is determined to do his job well no matter who buys him. Excitement replaces some of the fear when he meets his virile new master.

Sebastian likes his sex a little rough. Owning a slave means he can explore his tastes with someone who has to comply. The reality of owning Parker forces him to be careful in molding the innocent boy to his tastes. Parker expects to simply endure whatever his master demands. Finding pleasure is surprising. As they explore new ways to play with each other, they learn that emotions cannot be put on a shelf.

The real world intrudes on their games when Sebastian is pressured to marry the ‘right kind’ of man. He struggles with duty against pleasure while Parker knows he has no claim to his master. Each is determined to do the right thing even if it means sacrificing their own happiness.

General Release Date: 3rd September 2024

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-651-8
Word Count: 50,819
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL

About the author
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Samantha Cayto

Samantha Cayto is a Boston-area native who practices as a business lawyer by day while writing erotic romance at night—the steamier the better. She likes to push the envelope when it comes to writing about passion and is delighted other women agree that guy-on-guy sex is the hottest ever.

She lives a typical suburban life with her husband, three kids and four dogs. Her children don't understand why they can't read what she writes, but her husband is always willing to lend her a hand—and anything else—when she needs to choreograph a scene.

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