Susan Traugh

Susan Traugh is an award-winning author, wife and mother of three young adult children. For a decade she has been writing how-to guides for teens transitioning into adulthood, but when mental illness ravaged the life of one of her children, this book was born. Happily, both the book and the child have found their voice and their way.

You can take a look at Susan's Website.


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Reviews (3)

Not knowing what this book was really about, I was quite surprised to find myself unable to put it down once I started it. It is beautifully written, often raw and gritty, but always real. To le...

The author did a wonderful job at keeping things real, from the despair of the parents to the exhaustion of living with the disorder and not grasping the dire need to learn the tools in order to...

This book provides a realistic portrayal of a young girl struggling to cope with her mental illness. The author obviously has firsthand knowledge of the disorder, giving us a great insight into ...



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