Patrick Jones

Born in same hometown as Michael Moore, Christopher Paul Curtis and Jon Sczieska (Flint, Michigan), Jones started his writing career at age eight with an article for a New York City-based pro wrestling newsletter. Since that time he has published over two hundred book reviews, one hundred plus articles, fifty or so essays in reference works, nine professional books for teachers and librarians, seven young adult novels and two nonfiction books. His current focus is reluctant YA readers, with twenty titles published since 2013, four due in fall 2015 and another four in spring 2016. In spring 2016, he will also publish a nonfiction book for teens on the changing nature of teen incarceration.

Patrick teaches an online Young Adult Literature class at Metro State University in St Paul, MN.  Assignments in this class are due on Tuesday mornings so he can watch professional wrestling on Monday nights.  Some things change, some don’t.

You can take a look at Patrick's website here and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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Clicked hooked me from page one, with the easy flow of the author's words, to the quick pacing, to the addictive quality of the storytelling. As a budding writer, Carson's narration is witty and...

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