Hell Hath No Fury Series

Angela Addams

The world of werewolves was full of fury and the reigning kings were about to feel the wrath of one female destined to rule them all.
Charlie Larsen never thought her future was to lead a pack, let alone all of them, but when her self-imposed exile was cut short and she was dragged back into the circus of her family’s conflicts, she knew there was nothing she could do but step up and claim what was hers.

What she wasn’t remotely prepared for was how her destiny became entwined with the Duke brothers, a clan ripe for dominance and looking for a queen to rule. The price she must pay came in the form of three bites. Three werewolf bites, an eternity of commitment and an end to her solitary life. With the baggage she carried, turmoil of her past sins and the penance she never felt was enough, Charlie must work toward mending her own hurts before she could become the savior everyone wanted her to be.

Duty called for sacrifice and the women of her species needed rescue. They needed a hero. They needed her. I was up to Charlie to overcome her demons, embrace her true self and let the males know that she was ready to fight with the fury of a queen.



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