Blood Empire Series

Laura White, Princess of Karkonia, has thought of things as black and white. Good is good and evil is evil. There is no in between. But when her older sister, Alicia, leads an attack on the palace in order to stop a war that could destroy the country, she is forced to realize that the lines between good and evil aren’t always as clear as they should be.

Shane Kagae has always hated the rebellion that caused his mother’s death, but he hates them even more now that he’s being forced to work with them in order to repay her debt.  When he’s assigned as a spy in the palace, he’s placed as the bodyguard of Princess Laura. He doesn’t expect to fall for her, but it happens and causes all manners of complications.

Together, Shane and Laura must uncover the secrets of the monarchy and the rebellion and choose which path will be best for Karkonia. When their decision causes a full blown civil war within the country, it’s up to them to stop the mess that has been created and to bring peace to Karkonia once and for all.



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