Triple Diamond Series

Gemma Snow

There must be something in the water, because Wolf Creek, Montana is full of love this year—and not the traditional kind, either.

Meet the men of Montana, and the women who fall for them– both of them. From cowboys to fire fighters, there’s no denying that Wolf Creek men are full of trouble, the kind of trouble that might just made a city girl leave San Francisco to spend her days on the ranch. For those who work, live and visit the Triple Diamond Ranch, doing things a little differently is a way of life, even if that means sharing the woman they love with another man.

But these heroes, cowboys, trackers, detectives, cops and fire fighters, won’t stop at anything to prove just how much they care for the women they love. And those women are willing to fight hard for love too, after all—the Triple Diamond Ranch is proof enough that good things come in threes.



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