The Changeling Series

William Kingshart

We are not alone. Long before humanity, Elves and fairy Folk walked the Earth and called it their home. Indeed, they still do. Mostly they avoid humans, considering us noise and brutish. Some regard us with fondness, others with resentment—and even hatred. For are we not driving their world toward catastrophe and destruction?

One such is Ar En, a prince of Tír na nÓg, who has sworn to rid Mother Earth of the plague of humanity. Standing against him are Jake, Ciara and Sebastian, one the child of a human, another the child of an Elven queen, the third a changeling. But which is which?

Burdened with this terrible secret, Jake must contend not only with the trials and tribulations of adjusting to a new country and a new school, but also to the awesome responsibility of his destiny—even if that does come with some very cool new powers…



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