Gladiators Series

D.J. Manly

The Gladiator series is the story of the loves and contests of gladiators in Ancient Rome. Condemned to a life of slavery, and the constant threat of death in the arena, Gladiators were modern-day rock stars in Ancient Rome.

The Gladiators:

Gold - uncontested champion in the arena, rose to unprecedented ranks, so beloved by his master that he refused to put him in the arena, but yet, he was still just a slave.

Samson - enslaved and condemned to the arena after defying his military commander. He fell hard for the unattainable Gold, who was his trainer, and eventually his lover. But could their love survive in the gladiator quarters?

Julian - would come to replace Gold as the trainer. The obsession of the Lanista's wife, who'd do anything to have him, would he ever be able to replace Gold in Samson's heart?



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