Your Christmas

S. J. Coles

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  Review by The Quille

What I Think: Nick is an idiot. I knew this from page 1. And only became more sure after his discussions with Seth. If only I didn’t love happily ever afters so much, I’d give Seth to be loved by someone else. But, it’s Yuletide and a chance to fix wrongs. Just, please, don’t go easy on Nick. I know appearances are important, no matter what we say. I use my appearance as my armour and, because I love being my own Barbie Doll. Nick makes me feel so vain right now that I want to smack okro seeds out of his mouth. How can he be so self-absorbed when love in its perfection is right there For. The. Taking? Where’s my tale portal? I just finished the Reaper, so I’m mad, bad, and dangerous. That doesn’t last though because when I see Seth lit up by Nick, I crave his happy ever after! Verdict? Short, sweet and perfectly fluffy like my beloved marshmallows

  Review by True LoveisLove

Nick is quite blinded, it’s all about him, his career, his Christmas, his ex-boyfriend, his feelings. He is just blind to what’s right in front of him…. Seph. Seph is happy Nick will return to his childhood home, even if it’s just for Christmas and just to see if he can have a second chance with his ex Charlie. He’s not coming for Seph. Before Nick’s eyes and heart open, he has to go through some feelings, ones he never realized he had. It’s a sweet Christmas story. I had to warm up to Nick, understandable I think. I loved Seph immediately, he’s soft and caring. The story is super short with just 79 pages, but every page was entertaining, it pulled my heartstrings. It was all nicely composed, with harsh moments, sweet, revealing ones, it certainly made sense.



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