In His Hands

Hannah Murray

Customer & Industry Reviews of In His Hands

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  Review by Crystal

CNC is really something I haven't come across before in any of the BDSM and kink books I've read. It is an extremely taboo and triggering topic, so I can see why authors would be leery of even mentioning it in their books. Its something that you would have to handle properly with care and Hannah Murray does so perfectly. Every scene where consent is given were well-written and clear. Not just the consent scenes between Cade and Olivia, but also the consent scenes with anyone who participates with them. There are no questions left in the air. Now on to the romance... I loved Cade and Olivia. Their chemistry was off the charts. And bonus points, their chemistry doesn't revolve around their kink. It's an added element to their sexual relationship. I love their support group made of previous characters and one who I hope gets his own book soon. I loved everything about In His Hands and I happily devoured it in one delicious gulp.

  Review by Zoe York

It's been a long time since I've read a book like this. An absolute delight... I love how right these characters are for each other.

  Review by Christine

Every minute of reading was dreamy. Can’t wait to dive into the rest of the series!