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  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

Gabe and Mika are wonderful together, but what I liked the most is that Mika, being the wolf shifter is the insecure one. Not too often do you find the shifter being dominant and insecure. I also like the secondary story/charaters made for a well rounded story. I thought the way Mika wanted to slowly introduce Gabe into his world was perfect, the way Mika was accepted back but says 'Thanks but no Thanks', he has what he needs!

  Review by Jeep Diva


The author has created a fascinating story of shifters and I was completely caught up in the captivating characters that have totally captured my heart from beginning of their story to the very end, and I can’t wait to read the next story in the series.

  Review by Demetra Roussakis

Great new start of a series. In all honesty, Gabe and Mika are my two fave characters. Gabe is....Gabe and Mike is so in love with his mate, he will do anything for Gabe.

  Review by merri

I loved this book, and I love Gabe as he is. Wish we could all have some Gabe in our lives to make it less boring.

  Review by Michelle

Great book. Looking forward to more from this series.

  Review by Rainbow Gold Reviews

t’s a great ‘love at first sight’ romance.  It is also an ‘insta-attraction’ story, but it works well. The plot of the story fills out the sex scenes very well and things flow well to give it a good balance between sex and story. There is a lot of world building here so things feel a little fast but not so fast that you can’t get into the story and the universe. Overall, I really enjoyed it. 

  Review by M J

I really enjoyed this first book. Mika is a perfect combination of alpha and vulnerable. Gabe is a wonderful character and he seems so real to me. The couple plays off one another so well and I would definitely want to be their friend! Looking forward to reading the rest in the series, as well as all of Bailey Bradford's other series.

  Review by Fallen Angels Reviews is well-written and held my interest until the end...enjoyed the story and hope to see more from author Bailey Bradford in the future.

  Review by Literary Nymphs

With a mixture of juicy erotic encounters, action and suspense, Mr. Bailey has done a wonderful job with this first installment...Rescued played on my senses and has me anticipating the next release for this wonderful series.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

This book is more about the evolving relationship, both emotional and physical, between Gabriel and Mika than about some greater storyline. There is a villain and there are some obstacles, but the main focus is on the two men. If you like shifter stori



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