Liberating Jane

Katherine E Hunt

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  Review by Rosanna Leo

Liberating Jane was so much fun! This was my first opportunity to read something from Katherine E. Hunt, and now I want to read her other books. Jane is a young widow who is adjusting to her new life, and although she misses her husband dearly, she is also craving a physical connection. When she is "recruited" to join a community that seems to have a lot of happy widows living in it, she decides, "Why not?" She soon learns there is a reason behind all that happiness and it has a lot to do with the special functions that occur at this gated community. Pretty soon, she has her pick of handsome men, and completely on her terms. If you're a romance reader, be aware this isn't a traditional storyline in which the protagonist ends up with one person (or a few.) Rather, the partners in question make it clear that they all want to continue to see as many people as they like...and this works for all of them. If you're looking for a hot quickie, this will do the trick.



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