Avalon's Last Knight

Jackson C. Garton

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  Review by Love Bytes Reviews

Linda identifies as Lance. He is also undergoing hormonal and operation changes. As such, for years, he wasn’t in a good emotional place and continues to have issues. The adopted sibling of the Lott family, Lance A Lott was not only the brother of Gwen, but Arthur Pendragon was his best friend. Arthur was the man Lance had been in love with since the day they met. Unfortunately, every time Lance saw Arthur, he had a new girl on his arm. Lance also believes that his friend is the reincarnation of the British monarch Arthur, and has in the back of his head that Lancelot betrays Arthur in the end. When Lance goes home to Avalon for the college break, Arthur insists that he stays with him and their relationship takes a turn of the romantic kind. But there’s more going on in Avalon than a budding romance. Full review on



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