Southampton Sea Breeze

K. Evan Coles & Brigham Vaughn

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  Review by Heather

Carter and Riley are just as adorable and full of life as they were when we first rode along on their journey in the authors' Tidal duology, Wake and Calm. We've seen them pop up and be involved in smaller doses in the authors' spin-off series The Speakeasy and now with this lovely gem of a free treat, Southampton Sea Breeze we get to see just where life has brought them. One last thing: if you are wondering if you need to read the Tidal and Speakeasy series first, I'd say probably not but I would highly recommend reading Tidal first to fully appreciate everything Carter and Riley went through to get them to where they are in Southampton Sea Breeze. As for Speakeasy series, no you really don't have to read that first as the boys are secondary characters in those stories, however I also highly recommend reading them as they are equally brilliant tales of love.



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