Dark Prophecy Box Set

Kris Norris

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  Review by Merissa

The Dark Prophecy Box Set contains the three stories of the Dark Prophecy series. In it, we meet Rafe, Gabe, Mathias, and Gideon. All vampires, all charged with keeping a talisman safe... once they find it. Rafe is the first one, and he finds his talisman around the neck of Terryn. He is followed by Gabe and Mathias, and finally Gideon. Now, as you can imagine, all stories are similar in some respects, and yet different in others - which is very good when you are reading a box set. Terryn, Riley, and Genevieve are the three sassy heroines who keep our boys in check. They know nothing about the paranormal world, until they find out about their necklaces. If you are looking for hot and steamy action, coupled with plenty of sass, and fighting the bad guys, then I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this book.