Extra Dirty

K. Evan Coles & Brigham Vaughn

Customer & Industry Reviews of Extra Dirty

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  Review by ALe

The book is definitely something else. We have two very interesting MCs with quite a few bumps and scratches, never mind issues and hangups. If you are looking for perfect flawless people, the book is not for you. If you are looking for authentic, realistic characters, you are in for a real treat :) *I received the book as an ARC but the review is honest and all mine*

  Review by Kirstin

K. Evan Coles and Brigham Vaughn hit a home run with this book. I loved every page. Both MC's were so very different than the expectation of most 'romance' reads. The writers turned kitschy romance on it's head and forged a new, honest, raw relationship of trust, openness and mutual respect. It was an emotional experience for both Cam and Jesse to come to terms with what they wanted and to draw up the plans for their relationship, but it was so rewarding to see that with love, anything is possible. The writing was exceptional, the characters were flawlessly real and humble and the story just took me on an emotional trip to uncharted feelings. I loved the unique feel to this story and I'm so very excited to keep reading this series to see what these writers have up their sleeve.

  Review by Heather York

Jesse's spirited nature and look on life is infectious. What's not to love about Cam? He may be younger but he's just as intriguing. One thing I love most about the pair is they don't try to change each other and sometimes that means they don't communicate like they should but I'd rather read a story of communication problems than changing someone. At times that communication wasn't there which left me wanting to bang their heads together but then if everything came easy-peasy for Jesse and Cam, this wouldve been a very short story instead of an amazing dramatic yet fun-filled full length novel. I want to add how much I loved that both Jesse and Cam's families were supportive, friendly, and amazing, especially Jesse's brother and sister-in-law. Their scenes may have been limited but they owned every page they were on.