Aurelia T. Evans

Customer & Industry Reviews of Contortion

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  Review by momof3infl

If you want a nice and tidy story, with sweet characters, you probably want to go to another book. If you want sexy, eye-popping, fiery desire, demons, and other-worldly beings, Contortion is the book for you. I've read quite a few of the Arcanium series so far, and they've all been good, but Contortion is going to stand out in my mind for being dark and satisfying. They can be read as standalones if need be, but they get so much better if you have read previous ones. Valorie is the human contortionist, and has been with the circus for 20 years, and is now feeling a little out of place in what has been her home. When Bell gives her a gift to entice her to stay, it sets off a chain of events that will forever change her future. This book is just plain hot, and I found Contortion to be a little more emotional than some of the previous books. Looking into the past will do that for anyone. If you are a fan of paranormal, this is definitely a series that is for you!

  Review by Wicked Reads

I really, really want to visit the Arcanium Circus. I feel like I know these characters and, of course, Kitty is my favorite. Overall, this installment of the Arcanium series was an awesome look into two well-known characters. We're treated to some humorous banter, very erotic scenes both tame and super Dark (BDSM laced), and just a touch of romance.

  Review by Love Romances & More

This is an interesting and engaging story...Once again the author weaves a good story that brings so many emotions from these characters to the forefront and has this reader wondering just who will be the next victim to join Arcanium.