The Point of Evil

Victoria Blisse

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Point of Evil

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  Review by Karen Shenton

Steve is a ladies man in life, needless to say, the same is true when he's turned into a vampire. Sex and blood are all he needs. That is, until Eloise walks into his life. One look, one taste and Steve is enthralled. Eloise has a secret though, a deadly secret. Eloise warns Steve off but he won't give up that easily. Things take a dangerous turn and lives hang in the balance. Excellently written with interesting characters and exciting storyline. 

  Review by Ali Greig

A womaniser and player when he was human - Steve is even worse as a Vamp. All it takes is one meeting with Eloise and he is smitten but she holds a terrible secret. Can Steve help rescue Eloise from a life of hell? Left to rot in a putrid dungeon after his rescue attempt Steve wants to finally die but he has Eloise and the rest of his undead life to live for.