Stopping Point

Victoria Blisse

Customer & Industry Reviews of Stopping Point

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  Review by Karen Shenton

Josh is your typical lad, cruising through life, working in a supermarket during the day, enjoying nights out with the lads and loving the ladies. His world gets turned upside down when the crazy Cara decides to sire Josh and just abandons him to figure vamp life out on his own. Josh makes some spur of the moment decisions with far reaching consequences. Add in some seriously hot fang banging and an old, dangerous ex and you're left with a great story with bite. Bring on book three.

  Review by Alison Greig

Josh is happy and content in his life - that is until he hears a woman screaming and runs to her aid. Next thing he knows he is craving blood - yep - he's been turned into a Vampire by the rather nutty Cara. Feeling a wee bit lost he decides he wants to live forever with his mates and turns them a few days later - they are not happy about this but find out about The Point and start to make visits there. Will the afterlife treat them well? Will Josh ever actually like his 'sire'?