The Captain's Pet

Samantha Cayto

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Captain's Pet

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  Review by Sinfully Sexy Reviews

I loved how Samantha Cayto took such a harsh subject and made it readable, without ever feeling too squirmy. Her writing style is very easy and I've found everything I've read by her a very enjoyable reading experience, but this one in particular did feel like a more stand out read and is definitely my favourite up to now. I know the subject matter won't be for everyone; rape is a hard trigger. However, if like me you're a reader with no particular boundaries, I think you'll really enjoy this darkly compelling Sci Fi tale too. I was fully engaged by this novella, and knowing there are two more to come about sweet, gentle Stuart, and Wid's straight, fiery co-conspirator, Joel, and their Travian masters, can't wait to get stuck into their stories!

  Review by Redz World

This book is extremely well done. I adore Ms. Cayto’s writing and look forward to many more books it what proves to be a fascinating new series. 

  Review by Susan

The Captain’s Pet by Samantha Cayto is a gay take on the old sci-fi chestnut of aliens abducting women for sex slaves. While the trope of falling in love with the alien still holds true, the path there is very different. I especially liked how the alien captain was married with children, but allowed male lovers since their society is a matriarchy and he has no real power. This book is not for the faint of heart, as rape does occur. However, there are aliens who enjoy it and others who see it as a duty, not that motive matters to the humans who are thus degraded. All things considered, an enjoyable take on an old sci-fi standard.

  Review by Love Bytes

The Captains Pet is a very different book than any others that I’ve read in so far as rape is the norm. Most of the aliens don’t particularly want a sex slave but they still take them and they still rape them all night, every night. I must say that it was an interesting story.

  Review by Mike Harms

A very nice, entertaining and heated read that tackles non-consensual couplings and slavery in a setting that turns about to be rather romantic as well as sizzling. I am eager to read a sequel.

  Review by Archaeolibrarian

I enjoyed this book, even if parts of it did make me uncomfortable, I'm glad I stuck with it. I would certainly be interested in going further with this series.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This was a new twist on a classic plot in the sci-fi romance genre. And I REALLY liked it. I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Kell and Wid. There was no instant love between the men and in fact there were times when Kell’s behavior would undo the progress he had made with Wid. As The Captain’s Pet is the first book in the Alien Slave Masters series, I can only hope that Ms. Cayto gives fans the opportunity to catch up with Kell and Wid again as she spins someone else’s tale, but either way, my eyes are peeled for book two.

  Review by Witch Harley

Very enjoyable read. No, the rapes were not fun to read, but it was interesting to see the captives' spirits as well as some of the aliens, namely the Captain. I would like to see at least one continuation in this universe, as the author teases an interesting alien society as well as the politics involving the humans' world.

  Review by The Romance Reviews

This space opera is a quick and easy read. Ms. Cayto is new to me and her writing is right up my alley. Her main characters are likeable and her non-con sex is delicious. This world she's created is easy to visualize. Ms. Cayto does a lovely job of balancing between arousing non-con and humiliating sex object. 

  Review by Nautical Star Books

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this story and it really grabbed my attention quickly. The details in this story were wonderful…from the healing waters to the abundant food.  I could almost see the shimmering yet hidden wall portals that led to the air ducts in my mind. The author really put a lot of thought into the creation of the setting for The Captain’s Pet. The author is an incredibly good story teller and I want to know how this relationship turns out.