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  Review by Gabrielle

I enjoyed this visit with Toby and Damon. The two truly love each other. As they are enjoying their new relationship something comes along and tries to destroy it. I love Damon and his love for Toby. He is sweet and patient with Toby always helping and encouraging as he pushes the other man to open up and experience all that he longs for. The love that the two share is strong and you can see it in all that they do. I cannot wait to return to their world and see just what more will happen to Damon and Toby.

  Review by Susan

I enjoyed Milling by Sean Michael more than I expected to thanks to the character of Toby. He is a sub, not a slave, and keeps Damon, his Dom, on his toes. The interplay between them is just plain fun and seemed very real to me. This being a Sean Michael book, the sex is scorching and frequent too. The villain from the first book in the series makes a reappearance in this book, so the book is not all lighthearted. Overall, a very fun read.


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