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  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

Duchene’s prose is lyrical and evocative, a treat for the senses and this is a wonderfully unusual series.  In Duchene’s world, gods, goddesses and other mythological beings wage war in the heavens while finding time to enjoy the 21st century human world.

I absolutely love the way the author has made ancient mythology fresh.  The author manages to make the classical characters both relevant and historically accurate.  I also love the mix of mythologies - of course a brave Samurai would be granted entry to Olympus!

The action and romance in this story are perfectly balanced.  Kofi’s confusion over his sexual identity is incredibly moving and the relationship with his brother is very sweet.  Kofi’s insecurities are met with Osaki’s gentlemanly reserve, making for an excruciatingly drawn-out courtship.  I loved every single scene between the two men. Overall, this is both a tender love story and an exciting adventure.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

If you like stories that you can immerse yourself in with complex worlds, storylines and characters that engage your imagination, as well as your brain, then the Shivers series is a good bet for passing the time. There is passion, romance, multi-cultural scenery and a whole lot of action stuffed into the pages of this book.


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