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Customer & Industry Reviews of Bruised

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  Review by The Jeep Diva

Sean Michael delivered a passionate rendition of boy meets boy, boy falls head over heels, and life is good. The under tones of BDSM permeated throughout the tale without being over the top. Each man’s needs were met, not only in a sexual way, but also in a claiming way. Scorchingly hot! Sex off the charts.

  Review by Aubrey

Holy Hotness with a tool belt! This book had me enraptured by the first word. The main characters were Johnson, the hunky mechanic, and Billy, the sexy cowboy attorney. Their connection was instant. And steamy. The story takes you through the normal trials and tribulations relationships that are just starting out face - spending time together, boundaries, etc. I thought the characters were loveable without going overboard. This was an excellent steamy read. Quick and to the point. Loved it!

  Review by Christy Loves 2 Read

I really enjoyed the way the author showed me little vignettes of the day to day lives of these two men, spliced with some of the hottest, and most erotic, sex I’ve read in awhile. If you’re looking for meaningful, dramatic, or complex, this isn’t the book for you. However, if you’re looking for smoking hot with an enduring love, then this will be right up your alley.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

This was a quick and very hot read. It gives a look into the life of a loving couple who have lots and lots of hot sex and some kink thrown in. There is no real angst or drama. The plot is simple and easy to follow. It is just a really good read for someone looking for light and super hot.

  Review by Lynnette Hartwig

I’ve read many books by Sean Michael and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. This book was no different. It was a typical Sean Michael book. This translates to lots of down and dirty sex. It does not have much of a plot and that’s great if that what you’re in the mood for. Even though Sean Michael does write some very touching love stories this is not one of them. This was clearly a book written for the M/M group that wants to read about sex, sex and more sex. It was a light read but very intense as the characters develop. It was very light in the BDSM but it seems to fit with the way the characters came across.

  Review by Gabrielle Lee

This is one hot read! I loved Billy and Johnson. As hot as they are they make a cute couple and the love and understanding that they have shines through in everything that they do. It would have been nice to see a bit more of the men’s daily life and personalities. Yet that does not take away from the enjoyment of this book for me. The men are sexy and strong and find just what they need from each other.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

This is easy to read, entertaining, and very hot. These guys are hotter than hot for each other, and determined to keep it that way. If you like lots of between-the-sheets, against-the-wall, and in-the-shower man-on-man action with a little bit of kink thrown in for variety, then this is a book you shouldn’t miss.

  Review by LeeAnne

Lawyer Billy drops his truck off for repairs with mechanic Johnson and the attraction is immediate.  The sex scenes were hot, the writing was great, and the storyline was quite good. Billy and Johnson work together to make their relationship work. Billy’s job is really stressful and he doesn’t have much free time, Johnson does his best to make all the free moments as care free as possible. Great, quick read – strong in sex, light on the plot – light BDSM.

  Review by Love Bytes

I found the story easy to read and flowing very nicely so I had a pleasant time reading it. I just wish I knew more of these two absolutely lovable guys.

This story is ideal for those who like reading many steamy scenes with a very easy to follow the plot.

  Review by Debbie Firpo

This was a very sexy fast read. Mild BDSM. Lots of hot steaming sex. underneath all the sex there is a love story between Billy and Johnson. Two guys from different world but they fit together like a puzzle. the love and need between these them is amazing. no games, just two guys living their lives.