Mountains to Climb

T.A. Chase

Customer & Industry Reviews of Mountains to Climb

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  Review by Crystal's Many Reviews

I am a sucker for the reunited love stories, there is just something about them that I personally enjoy. So I was really glad when I started reading this one and found out that’s what it was!  I did like how even with everything that was happening in the story, Toby and Jensen didn’t have to give up anything for the other.  I really enjoyed how they were able to work things out and find a way to sort their past out. 

  Review by Love Bytes

I went through a T.A. Chase phase a couple of years ago and read most of her books that were out at that time. I find them all enjoyable, as this one was, she does these short stories well. They are little glimpses of the lives and loves of men, with well written characters and quick plots. I liked Mountains to Climb just fine, I read it and said “awwww….”

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

This is a great little story of confessions and reuniting lovers. I recommend this to those who love reuniting lovers, forgiving the past, accepting the truth and taking a chance on happiness.      


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