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Customer & Industry Reviews of Malting

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  Review by Linda

Had to go back and read this a few times, so hot! Toby is such a sweetheart and so in need of Damon and all he can give Toby. Yum!

  Review by Redz World

I loved the sensuality of Malting. These two are really made for each other. I am dying to know how they will continue this relationship. I see lots of love and new experiences in their future.

  Review by Debbie Firpo

Wow, I had to buy this book. What a joy this has been. Lots of steaming playful sex. If you love a little BDSM, you will love this. its not hardcore, but its freaking hot. Give this series a try, you wont regret it.

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

This is a fast paced novel, full of surprises and raunchy M/M antics.

I love how while the pace was fast, and Damon certainly pushed Toby in all manner of ways, but there was still plenty of room for the romance of their relationship to flourish. The die-hard romantic in me was deeply satisfied with how much time and effort both men spent not only on getting to know each other, but exploring and learning each other inside and out of bed. While I found there is plenty of play and talking of fantasies and experimenting, this isn’t a hard-edged story. I would happily recommend it for readers who love their M/M and even some who are dipping a toe into the water for the first time.

Full of wonderful dialogue, surprising laughs and a sweet, glorious pairing this is an excellent book and strongly romantic. With enough spice and edge to make me blush, but still be sweet and emotional this book hit a lot of perfect notes for me. I’d happily recommend it and look forward to reading it again.

  Review by Connie

A wonderful start to a new series. Sean Michael writes such wonderful stories about some great characters. I cannot wait for the next book in this series. I love Toby he seem like such a sweet and loving guy. Damon seems to be the perfect Dom for him. Though I was surprised it took them so long to get together.

  Review by SAM

As usual, Sean Michael doesn't disappoint. With the start of this new series, Michael explores the world of Dom/sub relationships once again. Sparks fly between a timid artist and a laid-back bartender once the courage to approach is found. As the beginning of a series, "Malting" is a fabulous introduction to a new cast of characters.

  Review by Jo & Isa Love Books

Damon and Toby are exact opposites but they always say opposites attract. Damon wants to show Toby how to mix it up a bit, and that life is exciting. This is the first book of the series and gives you the background of the characters. It has a ton of hot sex scenes.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

What I loved was the fact that these two MC’s circled each other for three years before Damon, finally had enough and approached Toby. After that initial conversation leads to an amazing intense start to a relationship that neither one was expecting but both want. I liked the patience that Damon shows Toby. And Toby’s naiveté towards all things sexual but is willing to try. 

  Review by Joyfully Reviewed

Author Sean Michael turns up the heat and comes out smoking hot with Malting.  The characters are sincere and their courtship is erotic.  Going from innocent to carnal, Damon leads Toby on a sexual journey that most would envy.  Saying that Malting is orgasmic is putting it mildly.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews


Enthralling, interesting, and erotic as hell, this novella is deliciously written. Sean Michael is not afraid to go there and bring you into the worlds he writes. 


Hot sexy and erotic, I love everything about this book. The story is hot and solid. The way Damon and Toby interact makes me want to know them more. And just when I think I know nothing about these two, I find out it is in a series. I cannot wait to start reading the next book. It is so worth the read.