Winning Casey

January Bain

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  Review by Liz Crowe

I love books with TRULY strong females. In the romance genre, what passes for this many times is someone merely waiting for her true love to complete her while she marks time, or someone forced into a situation she has no control over that "leads" to love. But in an original mash up of romance, humor, and a sort of National Treasure-like thrill ride that includes amazingly precise archeological details, January Bain has given me exactly what I crave. As an added bonus, Casey has a group of friends (her sorority sisters from college, hence the series name) who are just as strong as she is and whose personalities move the plot along almost as much as the adventure. The romance is handled with the sort of subtlety I appreciate, and is woven into a tale that is fast-moving, funny, well-written and compelling.

  Review by Kymmie

Archaeologist and treasure hunter, Casey Madison meets Professor Truman Harrison, the new head of the Archeology department, at the University of Manitoba. I won't spoil that first meeting, but let's just say the good professor falls for Casey, straight away. And what ensues is a riveting tale of treasure sought, betrayal, buried secrets and a host of characters you'll love and hate, and oh, there's a romance brewing, too. And delightfully, intertwined in the treasure hunting and plot twists, are Casey's sorority sisters. They call themselves the Brass Ringers. A bunch of strong and well-educated ladies, who stick by each other through thick and thin. All adventurers in their own right, they use the profits from the treasures to fund their own pursuits and dreams, reaching for the brass ring. I also enjoyed the little teasers along the way of what's to come for Casey's sisters. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series and finding out the rest of the Ringers stories.



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