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  Review by Sid Love

Overall, the series is getting better. As it progresses, the characters get more likeable and the plot thickens as you learn more and more about the world and what is happening. I found it an enjoyable read and I loved the characters, as well as, the journey that Seger and Shadow go on to get where they are. I desperately wished it had been longer because I would have liked to read more about them but, as it is, it was a good read. For those looking for something slightly sweet, quick and easy, this is the series for you… especially if you like unique shifters.


Reviewed by Nikyta

  Review by Kimberley S

Seger was an outstanding book. This second book in the series continues where the first left off and explores two of the secondary characters from book one. The series delves further into the lives of the chameleon shifter. This book also really shows you who Shadow is and how he ties in to the mystery of who the chameleons are. The story flows so well that it leaves you at the end of the book before you know it and while the story leaves you anticipating the next book in the series, it still gives you a defining story for Shadow and Seger as a couple. I love the way Carol Lynne writes her stories because they draw you in and make you feel like you are part of the story.

  Review by Fallen Angel Reviews

The mystery surrounding Shadow deepened as the story unfolded. No one, including Shadow, knows where he came from, but Seger knows that Shadow is his mate and he will do anything to keep him safe. Shadow knows more than he is saying, but he is scared of how Seger and the other Chameleons will react if he reveals the little he knows. Their leader, Nero’s, distrust of Shadow increases as the Chameleon’s witness some of Shadow’s unique and incredible abilities. Shadow foresees danger for Ben, a mate and his friend, and everyone in the group, but from where is the question. Where did Shadow come from and can he find a way to save Seger and the other members of the C-7 Shifters?


Reviewed by Teresa

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

If you like shifter stories with a larger mythology and context, if you want to read about a super-lonely man finding love after a very, very long time spent alone, and if you're looking for a hot read with lots of mystery that will last into the next few books (as far as I can see), then you will probably like this novella.


Reviewed by Serena



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