Devoted to Him

Cheryl Dragon

Customer & Industry Reviews of Devoted to Him

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  Review by Jeep Diva

The communication necessary to this lifestyle is well defined and explored by Cheryl Dragon: conversations are real and believable, with a solid exploration of each character’s thoughts through some inner dialogue apart from their discussions. Scenes are beautifully written with a nod to the unique approach to sex and caring that is displayed in the relationship, and the inclusions of the “one last” play partner is a nice twist to give both parties a solid reason to not go through with the ceremonies.


An unusual storyline for a BDSM themed book, this little short was pleasant and unique — with many elements to please many readers.


Reviewed by Gaele

  Review by Fallen Angel Reviews

I absolutely loved Jason and Fiona. Jason is a hot number. He likes to keep his fiancée on the edge, but he’s also quick to pleasure her. Their symbiotic relationship is evocative, making me pore all too quickly through the pages, because before I knew it, the story was over! I often love the stories by Cheryl Dragon. I wholeheartedly add this one to that pile of treasures.


Reviewed by Bella