Holding On

Em Woods

Customer & Industry Reviews of Holding On

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  Review by Hearts on Fire

Every once in a while you come across a short story that just wows you...The simple story line flowed like honey, all golden and warm yet with the sharp edge that Reese and Doug only had so much time together there yet unspoken.

  Review by Joyfully Jay

I could sum up the review of Em Wood's Holding On in one sentence. Go buy the book. Yes, it is that good. Yes, it is that compelling. Yes, it is that absolutely beautifully sweet...Holding On by Em Woods is a five star read and, dear reader, I

  Review by Whipped Cream Reviews

Em Woods writes in a poetic way that I couldn't put the book down...If you like a book that will reel you in and not let go even after the last page, then you might be looking for Holding On.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

Holding On", much like the title says, is a story about deep despair, but at the same time, it also gives hope...The appeal of this story is quiet, almost sneaked up on me, and the simple humanity of both main characters is beautifully portrayed.