A Bit of You

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of A Bit of You

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  Review by merri

Will Billy find his happily ever after? As a guy used to people thinking of him as a twink, and usually avoiding hard confrontation will Billy be brave enough to fight for his own better future? Hot and cozy.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

This was the sweetest and most romantic book of the whole series, in my opinion. Liam was amazing, so tender and loving with Billy, it about broke my heart, and watching Billy begin to resolve some of his insecurities just made me very happy. I loved seeing Billy get his happy ever after and now that Bailey Bradford has lulled me into sweetness and light, I'm looking forward to James's story which will definitely have drama and angst. Thank you, Bailey!


Reviewed by Christy

  Review by Two Lips Reviews

A Bit of You by Bailey Bradford began by making me smile...The chemistry between them is really wonderful; it's not only hot, it's emotionally entangling...Overall the emotions and love these characters have really made me love this story and

  Review by Literary Nymphs

I knew Billy was a nice guy but the development of his personality here is much fuller, showing him to have more depth on the inside than he projects to, cute, and sizzling hot...heart wrenching moments...



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