A Bit of Me

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of A Bit of Me

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  Review by Shorty Chelle

This is Chase and Xavier's story. Loved the intensity throughout. Lots of action, drama, and suspense in this book. Awesome addition to the Love In Xxchange series.

  Review by merri

As most of the books from this author this was a book hard to put away before the end. Will they hook up? Won't they? The suspense was killing me. As always the author shows us that there is more to love then suspected and that it will eventually lead to the perfect life, at least for the characters, as long as they are brave enought to take the chance.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

I really enjoyed this installment and not just because of Chase and Xavier. The author introduced the characters who will factor into the upcoming books, i.e., Billy and Liam, and James and Glenn, having part of their story lines wrapped into this book which succeeded in making 'A Bit of Me' even more interesting and exciting. I am so looking forward to the next installment. Thank you, Bailey!


Reviewed by Christy

  Review by Literary Nymphs

This story is filled with great characters and Ms. Bradford has done a fine job creating their unique and interesting of things I enjoyed most was the care and patience Xavier exercised when dealing with Chase for a good portion of

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

This story has a great story-line that keeps you reading...I will recommend this to anyone who likes mystery, a bit of danger, hot sex, hot men, a fantastic story and great taste in authors...