Silver Screen Dream

Victoria Blisse

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  Review by Ali Greig

Johnny is a Djinn. He has been bound to Rahul's family for centuries. He is duty bound by Rahul's fathers deathbed wish - that his son marry the woman he choose for him. The trouble is Rahul is a famous Bollywood Hearthrob and does not love Malati and has no intentions in marrying full stop. But neither of them reckoned on Rahul meeting Laura, a dumpy, pasty white Brit and Bollywood fan in London. Like something out of a film - their eyes meet across the Cinema Foyer and the rest is history .... well nearly. A great true love story! 

  Review by Customer

I really enjoyed Silver Screen Dream. It's interesting the way it's been written from the perspectives of two characters; Johnny and Laura, which gives you an insight into two sides of the story. Victoria Blisse has done a really good job with this tale; it's imaginative, sexy and full of her trademark humour. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the other titles in this series.

  Review by Night Owl Romance Reviews

I loved the story...I recommend it to anyone who wants to be caught up in torrential whirlwind of head-over-heels romance but please, Victoria Blisse: Please, PLEASE write book 2 and quickly!



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