Her Handyman

Jennah Sharpe

Customer & Industry Reviews of Her Handyman

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  Review by Romance Junkies Reviews

Her Handyman is exquisite. Full of romance, laughter, passion and grace, this story is sure to melt reader's hearts...This is the first Jennah Sharpe book I've ever read and I'm wriggling in anticipation of another amazing story from her very soon!

  Review by The Romance Studio

I would not have tired of reading and hearing more about their story; however, it is not diminished by being shorter� it is one of those rare manuscripts that could be presented either way and be great!

  Review by Mrs Giggles

(88) I like how both characters are initially guarded around each other, embarrassed about how the other person will view his or her attraction to that person, but eventually each glance and touch builds up the sexual awareness between them slowly but



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